T.I., who is still imprisoned for violating probation terms from a drug arrest last year, is apparently in need of more than a release from behind bars. TMZ is reporting that the ATL rapper was busted for receiving a handjob from his wife Tiny. Apparently, during a routine visit at Arkansas State Prison, Tiny was found in violation of prison rules for her show of affection and separated from T.I. Poor guy.

She confirms that the rapper was then escorted to the "Special Housing Unit" of the jail, which is usually reserved for prisoners with code-of-conduct violations . This means, at least temporarily, T.I. will be housed in a unit that features higher security standards and less personal freedom.

Prison guidelines state that inmates are certainly allowed to kiss and embrace their visitors at the beginning and end of a visit. While chatting, they can hold hands with any recourse, but hand to other-body-part contact is little bit beyond what they have in mind. "The inmate's hands must remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times," reads the rules.

Tiny told TMZ that she has yet to speak to T.I. since the incident went down. She thinks that they will allow her to visit again soon as long as she plays by the rules this time.