T-Boz has filed for bankruptcy. Guess this gives new meaning to "What About Your Friends."

According to TMZ, the "Ain't 2 Proud To Beg" singer owes creditors $768,642.99, which mostly comes from the mortgage on her $1.2 million house.

Court papers filed last month state T-Boz, aka Tionne Watkins, only brings in about $11 grand a month, but has almost $9,000 in expenses.

When you add in that she was secretly fighting a brain tumor for three years, it's easy to see why she's having a hard time.

But this could possibly have been avoided if her baby daddy, rapper Mack 10 would cough up the $250,000 in child support that he owes for the couple's daughter Chase Anela Rolison.

For those living under a rock, T-Boz was one third of super successful female R&B group TLC and rocked it out with Chili and Left Eye up until Lisa Lopes' death in 2002.

Sickle cell, a brain tumor and now bankruptcy! Our hearts go out to T-Boz. Someone needs to put pressure on Mack 10 to handle his responsibilities.