Kehlani isn't the only person to be facing plastic surgery rumors, it seems. While people can modify their bodies to whatever extent they please until they're happy, fans of Kehlani and SZA are critiquing them for respectively changing their looks. Lani simply responded to the talk by saying that she looks "different because [she's] happy," but now SZA is being brought up in similar conversations. The TDE performer recently received a "Song of Hope" award and while on the red carpet, fans noticed that the bridge of her nose was suspiciously thinner than before. While the wonders of makeup could be at fault, people are convinced she's gone under the knife.

There's absolutely nothing wrong about plastic surgery but a number of her biggest supporters are angry that the star "ruined her face." If you compare two photos of the songstress side by side, she definitely looks a little different and whether or not it can be attributed to makeup, surgery, or just natural changes, fans seem to miss the old SZA. "Yeah something up wit that face," wrote one commenter while another was a little more direct, saying, "Yo Nose Job Look DUMB AS HELL U RUINED YOUR DAMN FACE." 

Whether or not she went under the knife, it's really nobody's business. If she thinks she looks better this way, all the more power to her.