SZA has surprised her fans by removing everything she had uploaded onto her Instagram account. The singer had previously become increasingly active on the platform, sharing glimpses into her holiday season events, expressing gratitude and promoting her sustainable clothing line. There were even clips of her feeding a giraffe, content fans had no idea they needed to witness. To their dismay, every single one of these gems has disappeared. On the bright side, this action may be foreshadowing some good news.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Entertainers have wiped their social media accounts for a couple of different reasons. They may have been caught in a scandal propelled by respectability politics or overwhelmed with criticism and online hatred. Although SZA has received some criticism because of the state of her singing ability following a vocal chord injury, it is safe to say that the deletion is a good thing in her case. It most likely points to a change of esthetic, a visual transformation that would accompany new material.

The singer has been teasing some new songs for the past few weeks and an album believed to be entitled A. Clips are available for listening here. Her fans are excited about her return. One social media user commented with sass," she’s coming so the academy can snub her again 😍"