SZA's CTRL was one of 2017's best albums, and the impact of her acclaimed debut still lingers long into 2018. Unfortunately, the talented singer decided against releasing a follow-up, as is her prerogative. After all, to rush something is simply not the TDE way. Plus, SZA went through somewhat of a health scare, after dealing with some alarming "vocal injuries" during the summer. Luckily, they were not as bad as initially projected, and SZA ultimately bounced back from a potential setback.

Now, it would appear she's once again testing the waters. Taking to Instagram, the jovial songstress teased oodles of unreleased music and visual material. The catch? We'll never hear or see any of it. The tease left many fans wanting more, though perhaps such was her intention. We've already received word that her upcoming album sits in the climactic stages, though a release date feels likely to be a 2019 occurrence. Cross your fingers accordingly.