SZA is gearing up for her next musical performance on an upcoming segment of Saturday Night Live. The "Go Gina" singer is seen with James Franco and Kate McKinnon in their promo video for their episode takeover.

Some jokes are made on the relation of SZA's name to scissors and Kate starts getting into the "holiday spirit" where she scares SZA and James away by her dance moves. Watch the clip below.

The singer's latest and most loved project, CTRL, is nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. When she heard the news she shared an Instagram post with a very sentimental message on how grateful she is for the recognition.

"I️ remember feeling like damn, maybe I suck. Maybe I️ should try something else? Maybe I’m just wasting space. Life’s weird," she wrote, "I️ didn’t have any friends growing up. Never gave my parents an opportunity to say, “Wow my kids killing it.” Didn’t graduate or do any fly shit before my Nana died. Been fired from every job I️ ever had."

She added: "This entire thing puts my wildest dreams to shame. I️ dunno what to say cause I️ dunno how to accept its even happening to me lol. I’ve never won anything in my life until this week even (THANK YOU SOULTRAIN AWARDS!!)."