SZA's Ctrl was without a doubt one of the best albums of 2017. Coming from a woman who never even wanted to be a singer, and was basically forced to sing in the studio with her brother, the 27-year-old has earned major success from her 14-track project.

The St. Louis born singer recently broke down the album's biggest single "Supermodel" where she explained the guitar loop was made by her friend who learned to play the instrument just a day before. She explained how it was the first track that was made named after the hook. 

"I never name a song after the lyrics because I feel like that's stupid," she said. "I just never know what I'm talking about until it's over. How could I name a song until it's over? I guess rather name a song based on what I'm I'm talking about."

SZA further explained how Kendrick suggested the song be at the end of the album, but she went against his advice and did what she thought was best. "That was the one time I've ever been right. I knew that song was different. I just didn't know why, but I knew it was different than anything I've done, " she added.

Pharrell also suggested SZA choose from two different drum patterns he came up with, but once again she followed her instincts and opted for live drums courtesy of Social Experiment drummer, Stix.

"It just did not work out," she explained. "Pharrell's [drums] are synthetic and Stix was playing live. So it was just a matter of textures and timing. That natural human swing—Stix was just in that natural human in-person swing."

Watch her chat about "Supermodel" with GQ below.