One of the more creative voices in music, SZA has grown to be one of the more intriguing artists in the R&B genre. Since her inclusion on Rihanna's Anti album in 2016, where she was still relatively unknown in the mainstream, SZA's stock has risen tremendously through the success of her album Ctrl. The singer's creativity is not simply limited to music as she has experimented with her look throughout the years, as well. Her sound is incredibly recognizable and now, her new look will help her stand out visually as well. 

SZA showed off a brand new red afro as she posed in TDE-branded biking shorts against a fence. Her Instagram post debuting the new hairstyle has gotten tons of love with fans wishing she would rock her hair up more often, saying she looks amazing with the afro. While the world may not have been fully ready for SZA to grace social media with her brand new locks, it would truly be difficult for fans of the singer to imagine her never releasing music again as she has that her next album will be her last.

The musician may not have been feeling the look as much as her fans as she followed up the post hours later with her hair straightened. How do you feel about SZA's new afro look? Do you believe her when she says her next album will be her last?