SZA and Cardi B are in the midst of a blossoming friendship. The two stars have already enjoyed commercial success with their respective debut albums, and further solidified their bond by collaborating on Cardi's album closer "I Do." Perhaps we have a full fledged "sisterhood" on our hands. Either way, SZA took to Instagram to sing her praises over Cardi, who has come to embody hard-work, perseverance, and dedication. "Umm dead ass saw this queen at 2am last night and she WASN’T sitting...Iono how she does it," writes SZA, before alluding to their recent Coachella performance. "Thank you SO much for having me ! Sooo fucking inspiring to watch!"

Naturally, where positive vibes dwell, so forth comes negativity. It didn't take long for the haters to emerge from beneath their bridges, with one in particular attempting to moralize by tearing down Cardi. "I love you but sorry she isnt inspiring shes the last person to admire u can do better," writes the troll, who would soon find herself on the receiving end of scorn from one of her idols. 

SZA proceeded to bust out the all-caps for this one, writing "IM SORRY ARE U IN UR THIRD TRIMESTER??? DID U PERFORM AT COACHELLA? HOW MANY HOURS U WORKED TODAY. Hating on bomb ass self made working pregnant women? U could do better..bless." It must be hard to fathom getting taken down by somebody one admires. Perhaps this will teach emboldened trolls to hold their tongues. Did she really expect SZA to agree with her? Perhaps we truly are doomed.