Yesterday was SZA's 28th birthday and to celebrate, she went to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii. Her trip was a reflective one, that left her with a lot of feelings about her success and accomplishments over the years. Looking back to 2017, days before SZA's CTRL album dropped, the singer explained to The Breakfast Club how her tape was "like a release."

She detailed how she was putting herself in a box and burying her family, friends and true feelings. Her album was a way for her to take control and now over two years later, the "Go Gina" singer is feeling like her best self.

"Today I realized I have everything I ever wanted . I been to places I only seen in text books. swam in waters I couldn’t see the bottom of . Mobbed w my best friends and kept the same ones from childhood. made new ones I couldn’t picture my life w out," she wrote on Instagram, detailing more important life lessons - read in full below.