With her album CTRL dropping June 9th, SZA has been hitting the interview circuit in full-on promotion mode. This morning, TDE's talented first lady stopped by The Breakfast Club for a lengthy interview, in which a variety of topics were discussed. While CTRL was obviously touched on, SZA's endearing personality shone as she kicked knowledge on side-chick culture, ex-boyfriends, and more. 

Envy describes his experience listening to the album, saying "after I finished, I felt like you needed a hug." The quip prompts a laugh from SZA, who states "I never really talked about relationships in a direct way. I used to be very metaphorical, very figurative, and also just kind of scared to talk about the way I felt in a literal way." 

SZA digs deeper into some of her past insecurities, revealing an honest and vulnerable part of her personality. It's cool to see how SZA drew strength from these negative emotions, channeling them into her creative process and ending up with her most grounded music yet. 

She also dishes on "buggin' out" at TDE, admitting that there was a bit of frustration over the ambiguity of her release date. "I'm just hella childish," says SZA, with a smile. "It's like halfway through I felt someone was expecting from me, and I was like...I don't know how to meet expectations. I'm just a human being."

Overall, the interview is an insightful one, and fans of SZA should most definitely check the full clip below: