Some artists are better in the studio than they are live. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Also, musicians should be allowed an off day every once in a while. While a pass will never be given to anybody who completely flubs a performance, some missed notes here and there shouldn't be any reason for concern. When SZA hit the stage recently, she likely wasn't expecting this type of backlash but some social media users decided to go in on her for her live rendition of "The Weekend." 

The hit song is a favorite among the singer's fans and the TDE songstress made sure to give a memorable performance of it during her Power 105.1 show. During the concert, she sported a heavy red wig, which many have gone after online. However, much emphasis was put on the artist's accent while singing. She decided to spice things up a little, giving a different take on the song and fans were not impressed. A clip is making the rounds that is leaving social media users a little confused. One fan wrote, "I’ve never seen a video of SZA singing live where I was like 'Yo, she’s killing it.'" Another captioned the video with, "Sza sounding like your local crackhead."

Harsh... People are going in on her after the performance. Personally, I think it's cool that she's willing to take risks live. Obviously, she's a talented artist but this is leaving a bad taste in people's mouths.