Artists often like to tell stories about when collaborations go right, but we don't hear many tales of potential joint projects gone wrong. Many artists starting out in the industry hope to link up with fellow artists that they admire in hopes of creating art that the masses will enjoy for years to come. However, not every established artist is looking to join forces purely for the love of music. Over on Twitter, SZA shared a brief story about the first artist to ever reject her, and while it may have been traumatizing at the time, the singer said that it's all water under the bridge now.

Earl Sweatshirt, SZA
Rachel Murray / Stringer / Getty Images

"The first feature I ever asked for was earl sweatshirt and he told me no faster than I could blink . I deadass cried," SZA wrote. "We frens now." A fan replied that if it was her, she wouldn't ever speak to or acknowledge Earl Sweatshirt again. However, SZA took a kinder approach and decided to move forward and learn from the experience.

"Lmao UR CRAZY ! He’s SO talented," the TDE singer responded. "There’s literally ppl that hate me rn that I think are SO talented and idc that they hate me Face with tears of joy I still bang they sh*t." Who is out here hating SZA? Check out her tweets below.