In a new interview, SZA said that she doesn't want to be referred to as the Queen of R&B... so it's a good thing that the world seems to agree with her that she shouldn't hold that title.

The TDE songstress recently linked up with Wonderland Magazine where she offered an update on how her music is perceived, speaking on how she doesn't want to boxed into one genre. Stating that she has been called the "Queen of R&B" by some folks in the past, SZA claimed that she doesn't necessarily agree with the title.

"I spent too much time growing up on just as much Imogen Heap, and listening to Comfort Eagle by Cake and vibing for people to call me a ‘queen of R&B,'" said the singer. "Why can’t I just be a queen, period?"

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Make no mistake; SZA is absolutely a queen. But people are getting at her for referring to herself as the Queen of R&B.

"Who called her that," asked one fan. "SZA the queen of what, now?" questioned another.

She's not exactly being canceled for the comment but people are having fun with her, laughing at the remark and wondering who has been flattering her so much.

Read the interview here.