Many singers have had a few bad runs with bronchitis that have forced them to cancel performances for their loving fans. SZA was one of the latest artists to do so, taking to Instagram to tell her Philly fans that she has to re-schedule due to feeling "like poo."

She captioned a video with: "Philly i got bronchitis like a muhfucka pushed it the last 4 shows and today still have a fever + sound n feel like poo 😢 we moved all the re-scheduled shows together in a mini re tour package! Believe me i wanted to be wiff y’all i jus believe u deserve better than sick poop . trying my absolute best. loving u always."

It seems that after her post, she shared a few Instagram stories of her smoking up that lead one fan to questions her sickness. A user by the name of @shanny_macc commented on another photo of SZA with: "sis i thought you were sick and couldn’t make it to philly but you’re out here w bronchitis smoking blunts I’m lost n hurt."

SZA followed up with an explanation that let Shanny know she's working all the time, no matter what. 

"how bout I’m sick and STILL working. Lol on the complete other coast of the country on a pre contracted project, Jus cause im sick don’t mean I don’t have to do ANY work love, Peace," she replied.

Check out the interaction below.