SZA has clearly wrapped up with the filming for her "Doves In The Wild" video that she was doing last week, as she and Maroon 5 hit the stage on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night for a soft rendition of their track "What Lovers Do."

Their pop tune was delivered in a chill manner with the band's lead singing the hook, while SZA bobbed back and forth delivering her verses. The video for the track sees the two running marathons, riding jet skis, climbing trees and playing in fields with dinosaurs.

As we posted last week, the Ctrl singer shared a few photos to her Instagram and 24-hour story of her and Kendrick Lamar in a desert somewhere seemingly on set for their collaborative track, "Doves In The Wild." Highly acclaimed video director, Nabil, posed in a few photos with the duo, a clear sign the final product of the visuals are sure to be a masterpiece. 

The chemistry between Kendrick and SZA can't go unnoticed. The songstress recently gushed about the DAMN. rapper in an interview with Billboard Magazine where she called him a "true genius."

"...I watched [Kendrick's] process -- he’s a true, genuine genius. Dot doesn’t play any instruments, but he designed and ­produced his whole album," she said. "From scratch. Like... it’s too much. It’s too incredible. I’ve never witnessed anyone do that, except for maybe Frank [Ocean]. It’s past due. He’s the most inspiring person I’ve ever met in my entire life." 

As for SZA's next musical ventures, we can look forward to a project featuring Tame Impala and Mark Ronson. "I listen to Stevie Nicks. I love classical jazz. I love folk. I love rap. I love Modest Mouse. I'm making an album with Tame Impala and Mark Ronson," she told The Los Angeles Times

Watch SZA and Maroon 5's performance below.