Alicia Keys hosted last night's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, meaning her husband Swizz Beatz and their children were present in the front row supporting the "No One" singer. Viewers and attendees were quick to notice something unexpected in the front row in the form of a man with skeleton face paint. It was soon realized that it was none other than Swizz Beatz's older son Prince Nasir Dean, AKA Note Marcato. 

We can't confirm what the 19-year-old's intention was but the bold move pulled in lots of reactions online. "Whoever the guy is in full skeleton makeup at the Grammys, is me. I stan." 

Swizz has mentioned his firstborn son's upcoming album Beach Bum Limbo on his Instagram before and we assume the whole look was a creative expression for his music moniker. "The origin of my stage name stems from my self-development and self-discovery. Marcato is a musical instruction indicating a note, chord or passage to be played louder than the surrounding music.  That's what I feel my music represents," he previously told FRNDY LMRN in 2018. "My sound fits in the Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, and Pop genres the best."

Amy Sussman/Getty Image