With Max B's release from prison set to transpire in a few months, the game has been eagerly anticipating the return of the Wave pioneer. Though he'll likely have to make up on some lost ground, Max has given all indication that a full-blown comeback is in the itinerary. With his own Eloquent Music Genius imprint playing an integral role, Max has teased a name change to Don Snow; a play on the popular Game Of Thrones character, only with slightly more Don-like qualities.

With an album set to release in 2020, Max has already conversed with DMX about a possible collaboration. Clearly, he's keeping close ties with the Ruff Ryders camp, as a recent studio preview has indicated. Swizz Beatz recently found himself taking in an unreleased Max B single, and all signs point to an imminent banger. While not much information about the song has been revealed, Max's IG account confirmed that the track will be arriving in the near future. 

 Although it's only a snippet, it certainly sounds like it has the makings of a hit, with a percussive groove and no shortage of charisma. What do you think of this one? Are you looking forward to that new Don Snow