Swizz Beatz talks to MTV about his upcomming collaborations.

On Mary J. Blige and Beyoncé's new solo albums: "With Mary, it's not about one song. We're six songs in. With B, with all the people I'm working with, it's 'What's the sound?' I think it's gonna be an amazing year for sound in 2011. That's when people will notice it."

On Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary: "We was in there just banging joints. I'm looking at him, he's feeling them like, 'Put that to the side. Put that to side.' But the things I'm picking are from a fan's standpoint. I'm not picking it from a producer's standpoint. I'm like, 'If Snoop is on this, that's his "Gin and Juice" right there.' I think people want Snoop to stay authentic, which he does all the time. But if he focuses on the sound, that brings them back to something familiar, but it's new, it works. I got the first Doggystyle in my brains."

On Lil Wayne's Haute Living cameo: "Off my album, there was a lot of controversy over this before. The Eminem album before [Recovery], Relapse, I submitted a beat to him called 'Stan 2.' When I was doing an interview and they said, 'What you working on?' [Em] was amongst the people in the lineup I submitted things for. I said, 'I did a track for Eminem called "Stan 2." ' So it got out of hand in the media. He didn't want to do 'Stan 2.' But what I have on my album is a song called 'Anne' with Wayne, which is crazy. To connect the story of what we saying with Snoop, taking something that people remember and putting them in that time and taking it to the next level, the way that Wayne tells Anne he's sorry what happened to Stan. The album is crazy."