Swizz Beatz visited the Breakfast Club on Power 105 this morning, and the multi-tasking rapper spoke on a bit everything that's going on with him right now. This includes his new single "Everyday Birthday," his reported tax problems (which are no more), his new positions as Global Ambassador for NY City Health, executive producing the LOX's upcoming album, his wifey, Alicia Keys, and more.

There was news circulating about Swizz owing a large amount to the IRS, but he decided to finally stop the gossip by providing documents showing he is up to date on his taxes. "Before I would usually let it rock and my people would be like, yo don't say nothing 'cause it's just gunna make the story bigger...and actually this time I just wanted to override it, like, I don't got nothing to hide." 

Fans were definitely excited when they heard that there would be a reunion of Sheek Louch, Jadakiss and Styles P for another LOX album, which will be executive produced by Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled. "With the LOX state, they can use the balance of Khaled's input and my input, and it's less work for me, so it's okay," Swizz said of adding Khaled to the roster, although he says the two of them have never worked in the studio before, "I never been in the studio with Khaled during the process." 

However, if fans were wondering how Khaled came to be an exectuve producer, you can blame it on Swizzy,"It was my idea, you gotta make the load a little lighter, and one thing you know, if Khaled is on top of it, he's gunna help with the features for sure, 'cause Khaled's a big fan of the LOX, which made me think, like this would be a project I know he'd want to do."

Watch his full interview with The Breakfast Club below.