Jay-Z's new song "Open Letter" only dropped this morning, but it's already received a response from both Chief Keef and the White House.  One of the two producers on the track, Swizz Beatz, spoke on how the song came to fruition with Ebro on Hot 97.

Swizz Beatz revealed that it's actually Trey Songz singing opera on the track. He also spoke on the studio session, saying it was like "back in the days." 

When asked about the production, Swizz said, "Shout out to Timbaland. I started the beat in Jay's office. And then we moved onto the 40/40, 'cause I had the portable drum machine and everything. And then Timb came in, and Timb was like 'yo that joint is crazy.'" Swizz continued, "then we was just all vibing, then next thing I knew Jay was calling me in the morning with verses, and I was like, 'oh you're serious about this.' Then when we get to the studio, we just start vibing like back in the days, it was just one of those moments that you know, anybody that was able to see it was very privileged."

Listen to the interview with Swizz below.