DMX’s highly anticipated posthumous album, Exodus, finally arrived today (May 28), featuring guest appearances from Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, The Lox, and many more. Prior to its arrival however, longtime friend and producer, Swizz Beatz, held a private listening party for friends and industry folk alike on Thursday night. During the event, Swizz took some time out to say a few words about his fallen brother and remembered a funny story about X once pimping out his rental car. Swizz said X put rims and tints on his rental ride, even though he was giving it back.

“He’s the same person who rented a car and then fucking bought rims to put on a rented car — rims, put tint, wrapped the car,” Swizz Beatz told HipHopDX. “I said, ‘Dog, you rentin’ the car. What you doing?"

“He said, ‘Ah it’s mine right now. When I give it back to them, if they want to take it off, fuck it.’ He rented a car and decked it out like it was his. Like he just didn’t even care.”

Chris McKay/ Getty Images

Continuing on, Swizz added that X was just a different type of person. “X was just different. He was a philanthropist. He was a people’s person. A lot of people like to lead with a lot of negativity with our culture and our music, but X was just different. Even the things he got locked up for, they weren’t like big things. They were little things. You never heard of him hurting people. X was a real serious people. He was getting in trouble for stupid shit. He was a teddy bear. He was a good guy.”

DMX passed away on April 9 at White Plains Hospital after suffering from a heart attack and overdose. He was 50 years young. RIP X. Listen to his new album here.