Swizz Beatz sat down for an interview with Allindstrom.com where the hit-maker producer was candid about why his album is delayed, and discussed his stance on the MegaUpload legal troubles. 

The producer was entering into negotiations to take on an executive position when MegaUpload was shut down by the FBI.  Swizz was never named on the legal documents and is now defending himself as an artist saying he would never wilfully steal from other rappers and musicians, “I’m a fan of music, I’m a fan of people who work hard and I would never be a part of anything that’s taking anything from an artist when I fight so hard to give so much to the artist”.  He continues that he was giving back to the people making the music, “What I was doing I was giving the artist 90% of this shit”.

Swizz further defends the file sharing site by saying, “That company ain’t never been sued for any of those things.  You can’t go and download...it’s called MegaUPLOAD”, he continued”, [T]here’s other companies doing ten times worse things than that...they ain’t getting touched”.

Finally, when speaking on the topic of MegaUpload he added, “[T]ime will tell everything...I’m not gonna sit here and answer all these questions, cause I can’t...my track record speaks for itself...I’m in the business of inspiring, and I can’t be in the business of inspiring if I’m so-called ‘robbing my friends’”.

When speaking about the release of his next album, which seems mired in delays, Swizz was very open and candid, and says that the album will be released when he’s comfortable with the business aspect.  “The delay of my next album is...this musical business structure that’s in place...I don’t feel comfortable putting my stuff out...Until you feel comfortable you just gonna sit on that bitch”, the producer said. 

Swizz added that with technology rapidly changing, it’s not as clear cut how to monetize a record, and he said “for the first time in technology history, motherfuckers are sharing...Until I find an outlet I’m comfortable with I’m cool to chill”.  

Check out the full interview below.