Swizz Beatz is once again making moves in the business world. The rapper/producer seems to be continuously taking on new ventures, his latest is with Monster Cable Inc., as a board member and equity investor of the headphones and audio gear company.

Swizz announced the news that he'll be joining the creative and marketing team at Monster, who has been scouting celebrity faces for the company ever since announcing their split with Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics last year. Beats decided to design and manufacture their own products instead of relying on Monster-- costing Monster 50% of their revenue.

Monster's chief executive, Noah Lee, said Swizz' backing of the company will go deeper than your average celebrity endorsement. 

"Swizz will advise us on our creative direction, product design and our marketing," Lee said. "We'll be looking to him to tell us what's next. He's the real deal. He doesn't get involved in something unless he believes in it."

Swizz said that before he joined the company, he did his research. "I analyzed and studied the company for a couple of years," said the producer. "It felt like this is the right time to be in business together. I have a seat on the board. I am a co-owner. This is a graduation for Monster, and it's a graduation for me. For Monster, it shows they are investing in the culture. They are not doing things just to get by. In the next few months, the world will see who the monsters are in this world." 

This is just one position in a long list of Swizz' endorsements, including Vice President of Sports Style Marketing and Design at Reebok, as well as the more recently announced Vice President of Creative Design and Global Marketing at Lotus cars.