Swizz Beatz may be one of the most outstanding producers in hip-hop but he possibly made a costly mistake by exposing his true emotions for Drake during a live-stream with Busta Rhymes over the weekend.

Speaking about the song that was leaked last week by Drake and Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz repeatedly referred to Drake as "pussy boy," which did not sit well with the internet. 

On Father's Day, he took some time to address his actions, saying that he got a little too live and shouldn't have acted as such. He apologized.

"I was in the wrong space. I was in the wrong energy," says Swizzy. "I hate that my kids and other people had to see me on that side."

People close to Drake weren't here for the apology though, encouraging Swizz to keep that same energy when he sees them.

"We Don't Need No Apology. It's Clear You'd Don't Like Us So Act That Same Way When You See Us. Pussy," said Chubbs, Drake's right-hand man.

TVGucci, another rapper associated with the OVO label, chimed in with his own thoughts.

"Fuck your sorry pussy @therealswizz," he wrote on Instagram Stories. "See you soon. Happy Father's Day fuck boy."

It looks like we've got some beef popping off between Drake and Swizz Beatz. What do you think will happen?