They've been doing their best to make their large, blended family work, but Swizz Beatz has had recent struggles with Jahna Sabastian, mother of his daughter Nicole. The British singer gave birth to Nicole in 2008 but Swizz reportedly wasn't aware that he had a child with her until a year later. The 11-year-old is Swizz's third child with his Jahna being the third mother of four women who have kids with the famed producer.

Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

Swizz and his wife Alicia Keys have been vocal about making their tribe work as peacefully as possible, but Jahna took to Instagram to air out her grievances with Alicia. She never said the singer's name, but Jahna made it clear that this "stepparent" was crossing boundaries that she didn't appreciate. Jahna didn't like that Nicole calls Alicia "'Umi', which means 'Mother' in Arabic, even though I have stated multiple times throughout the years, that I do not agree with any kind of 'mom' name for another person," she wrote.

"I have spoken about it to her family members, it was made very clear," Jahna continued. "Nicole's brothers call me by my name, Jahna. All the other mothers are called by their names." The extremely lengthy post details her issues with Alicia allowing Nicole time on social media and accessing her smartphone. Jahna said she wanted it to be known that she is no longer going to let the "fake idea of 'blended family'" be "promoted, using my child for publicity."

Swizz wasted no time commenting. "1st of all Nicole does not have her own phone!" he wrote. "2nd, that's my phone I don't use so she can call you instead of you calling my phone looking for her! 3rd, nobody forced Nicole to call them anything she chose to call her UMI! I will not let any of my kids do things they don't want to - period!! 4th, we just spoke on the phone and you had none of this to say, you was all sweet and kind!! You know my number, if you have a problem, call me!! Knock it off!!!"

He ended his response by asking her why it is she always follows up these sorts of social media posts with something related to her music. "Asking for a friend!!" Read all the messages in full by swiping through below.