One of the most legendary hit-maker producers in the game is Swizz Beatz, who has been relatively quiet as of late.  He has still dropped some recent bangers, but is not nearly as prolific as he once was.   Chopping it up with the Breakfast Club, Swizzie talks about being re-inspired in 2013 and that he has a bunch of new records.  He also discussed New York not having its own new sound, and says that artists want to create classic NY-sounding tracks, but that is not what people want on the radio now. 

Talking about a recent vacation he had with the family, the producer talks about being inspired on the trip, and overhauling his studio, “When I got back, I was like, I’m tired of seeing the same MPC, tired of seeing the same equipment in the studio.  I sent my engineer to bring me back photos of the new equipment that’s out.”  Grabbing new equipment put him to work on new music, “I got inspired and felt like doing some crazy stuff, and I made like 20 something tracks...just messing around.”

Asked about why so many New York rappers are rhyming over Southern-sounding beats, Swizz says they are just producing what radio stations, and the public want,  saying you’ll hear a change in the sound, “When they know that the radio gonna play it.  Everybody just trying to follow where they can get the most love from. And it’s easy for them to have that bounce, flow, and fitted format.”

As far as Swizz Beatz is concerned, rappers from the Big Apple want to flow over harder beats, but for now are just trying to get records played, “They wanna get on that New York [sounding] joint 9 times outta 10 from what I hear in the studio.” Adding that rappers mindset is, “’dang I just wanna get something I can get played on the radio, then I can come with what I wanna come with’.”