Verzuzhas been the hottest event on the Internet since the pandemic began but as things open up, it looks like Swizz and Timbaland are getting ready to transition their online show into a full-blown concert. On the weekend, Swizz and Timbo held their re-match at Club LIV in Miami but it was Timbaland's performance of "Ayo Technology" that seemingly rubbed Swizzy the wrong way. Swizz called out JT, claiming that the pop star should be supporting Verzuz with his own participation.

"Until Justin let the world know that he —," Swizz said before Timbaland cut him off. "Justin gotta come out, he’s coming out," Timbo added. 

"He gotta admit that he love the Black culture and he gotta be on this stage," Swizz continued. "You took from the Black culture, you give to the Black culture. Come to Verzuz and be a part of the Black culture."

The call-out sounded a bit more aggressive during the show but Swizz Beatz said that he has no issues with the pop singer. During a IG Live recap with Timbaland, Swizz Beatz explained that he was just "having fun."

"Look, man, I had to go hard. Did you hear how them songs were sounding on that stage? You and JT, it was like JT was in the building. I was like, man," he said. "I don’t got no problem with JT."

Peep the clip below.