There is officially no point in watching Swamp Thing any further, ladies and gentlemen. The new DC product had people interested but after the first episode aired just last week, the series has already been cancelled. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, there were creative differences between the producers and the streaming platform it was launched on. The remainder of the season, which includes nine more episodes, will air on DC Universe.

DC Universe is considered a niche streaming platform and apparently, Swamp Thing just didn't fit into WarnerMedia's future plans for the service. Of course, they probably should have figured that out while they were still filming or preparing for the show's premiere. That way, they wouldn't have wasted a ton of money and time.

The show stars Crystal Reed, who plays a scientist who returns to her hometown to investigate a disease that seems to have affected the bayous. Andy Bean plays Alec Holland and Derek Mears stars as Swamp Thing, Alec's alter-ego. DC Universe will be focusing on launching the new Harley Quinn series and Young Justice: Outsiders, which will be joining an already-successful line-up of shows.

Were you a fan of the first episode? Are you upset that Swamp Thing won't be returning for a second season?