If this isn't the most toxic relationship ever, we don't know what is. It feels like every week, we either report on Swae Lee and Marliesia Ortiz breaking up or getting back together. Their romantic history is as messy as can be. Things first started getting crazy after Marlie accused Swae of cheating on her with Blac Chyna last year, calling him out on social media before getting back together. At one point during one of their many spats, Marlie actually leaked her boyfriend's phone number to the world. It seems like that's a tactic that she'll keep relying on because it happened again over the weekend.

During the latest off-again phase of their relationship, Marlie Ortiz accused Swae of having sex with one of her friends, asking all her followers to flood his inbox and ask why he would do such a thing. At a certain point, both sides just need to agree that they're not right for each other. I may not be close to either Swae Lee or Marliesia Ortiz but their arguments keep coming out on social media with both sides getting hurt. It might be the best idea to just date other people at this point.

Take a look at their latest exchange, including a FaceTime conversation between both sides, below.