Another hip hop couple bites the dust as Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee and his now-ex-girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz engage in a messy break up online. The two have reportedly been an on-again-off-again couple for four years now, but Marlie says she recently dumped him for the last time because he can't seem to stay faithful.

Marlie recently recorded herself on  FaceTime with Swae and documents as he says, "I f**king love you. You're gonna be my f**king wife one day if you can just f**king make it through all this dump s**t, bro. Do you know what Chance The Rapper's wife went through?" he asks. "Do you know what Gucci Mane's wife went through? They were just down b***hes for them through thick and f**king thin. That's what I thought it was with you. I thought you were down."

"You know how they treated them, though?" Marlie responds. Swae swiftly comes back by saying, "Gucci was f**king a billion hoes and not even talking to his b***h and she still pushed through all that s**t and still came back around for that n***a. Chance The Rapper [was] broke as f**k. B***h is still holding it down for the n***a. You don't get it bro."

This conversation reportedly came after she confronted him about cheating. On the call, Swae never confirms or denies his infidelities, but when TMZ caught up with Marlie she said there's no turning back. "He's definitely verbally abusive. Not in like, the matter of belittling me as a person, but he definitely tells me things I should stand for, what I should be okay with because of my 'position,'" she said. She also asserts that he tells her that no one would ever take her place so she shouldn't trip out if he hooks up with someone else. "He thinks he's a 'need' and not a 'want.' He needs to realize he's a 'want.' She also states that men in the industry always have women on the side and their wives or girlfriends just put up with it because it's what they're supposed to do.

Meanwhile, Swae agreed with a fan who commented on Marlie's video saying, "She's gonna be crying in a Nissan after this."

Alexa, play "Are You Still Down" by Jon B. and Tupac.