There are two types of people. Those who fear the soulless, chasm-like gaze of The Muppets, and those that embrace them as symbols of pure, unfiltered innocence. Rae Sremmurd singer Swae Lee belongs to the latter group. In what might be the day's most random, yet admittedly amusing story, Swae took to Instagram to share a hilariously strange video clip. "This n***a Kermit is in here Wildin !!!!" writes Swae, "he shouldn’t have had that last shot !!!!" Alongside, the video in question, which finds Swae dancing with an unexpected yet undoubtedly qualified partner.

At first, Swae can only watch as Kermit begins to move, his long, grotesque limbs moving like that of a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man. Eventually, the iconic Muppet catches the beat, prompting Swae himself to join in. To be honest, it's not exactly clear why a dubiously-rendered CGI Kermit is belly-dancing on Swae Lee's bed. Yet it is amusing to watch, and a testament to Swae's endearing sense of humor.

Peep the video below, and don't stare for too long. You might find yourself hypnotized by Kermit's limbs; before long, it might be you standing the bed, following suit.