Even if you're insanely talented at one thing, you're bound to want to expand your horizons at a certain point. The same activities get boring after repeating them for such a long time. Kanye West moved from music to fashion, and now he's a leader in both worlds. Oftentimes, acting and music can be intertwined. Many singers have had aspirations to be in movies and vice versa. With Swae Lee, he's already taken the first step. The Rae Sremmurd rapper has a collaboration with Post Malone on the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack but his goal is to star in the franchise's future instalments.

When TMZ caught up with the young man, he was full of energy. Swae rocked a full-on boxing fit, going shirtless and emulating Muhammad Ali's best combos. The cameraman asked him if he would ever be willing to play the Spider-Man role in the future and the Swaecation general stated that he's ready for his time to shine. "If anyone's gonna be the first black Spider-Man in a real movie, it should be me," said the rapper with a big smile on his face. He went on to note that his addition on the OST makes the transition "only right," promoting himself as the best man for the job. 

Do you see Swae Lee making his way into the role or do you envision somebody else is a better fit?