So far this year, we've been blessed with a few extremely creative music videos. One of which just arrived a few days ago as Travis Scott unleashed the highly-anticipated visual accompaniment to "Sicko Mode." The track is arguably the most popular from Astroworld and the video is being just as well received with some saying they like the cut even more now. One person that was understandably a little upset over the new video is Swae Lee, who was seemingly not invited to film alongside Drake and La Flame.

Last week, the Rae Sremmurd member remained neutral when remarking that he had been left out of the shoot on Twitter. While he's still not calling anybody out, Swae is clearly looking to surpass both Drizzy and Trav in the hip-hop power rankings when it's all said and done. Speaking once again on his exclusion from the video, Swae took to Instagram Live to express his confusion as to why he's not in the video. "They tryna count Swae Lee out of a lot of stuff," says the artist. He offers his five-year plan though, telling his supporters that "in five years, we gonna see who the biggest artists are." He goes on to note that he'll "keep note" of anybody counting him out.

Swae Lee has been a rising talent for years as he's penned hits for Beyoncé and others, showing off his own range on tracks like "Unforgettable." There doesn't appear to be any bad blood between Swae and his "Sicko Mode" peers but he definitely wanted to be in that video.