Last year, French Montana and Swae Lee helped bring hip-hop fans one of the songs of the summer, "Unforgettable." With its silky smooth vocals and a party-ready instrumental, it's the breakout hit that has vaulted both rappers to greater heights in the last little while. However, after the hit single failed to garner any love as a Grammy nominee, many were left disappointed, not the least of whom was Swae.

The Rae Sremmurd rapper vented his frustration about this particular issue on Twitter yesterday (January 22nd), giving the following statement: "Dropped unforgettable no Grammy !? [they] sleep no worries I got 15 more in my new album." He is referring, of course, to his upcoming solo project Swaecation, which is already rumored to have some big featured names attached. 

Given Swae Lee's position as one of rap's next big individual stars, the performance of that LP could potentially make or break his career in the short-term. He'll still have the Rae Sremmurd name to fall back on, granted, but this is his chance to prove that he's a bankable entity on his own, both for playlist curators and industry execs. "Unforgettable" was a big step in the right direction, but the emcee has got to keep that momentum moving forward if he hopes to score a Grammy nod down the road.

What did you think of "Unforgettable?" Overrated or deserving of the hype? Did the Grammy nominations committee unjustly snub him and French? Let us know in the comments.