With Sremmlife 3 reportedly dropping any day now, there's a lot of buzz around the contents of the rap duo's jumbo-sized triple album. However, there's one song on Swae Lee's portion of the album that may prove to be controversial.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Swae is posted on the couch with his now ex-girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz behind him, doing his hair. While describing the style of music on his third of the album ("crazy melodic" according to Swae), he mentions that he has a song titled "Little Marliesia", and that he may have to change the name because "she's controversial now."

As you may recall, Swae and Marliesia recently made headlines due to some rumors that Swae had cheated on Marliesia with Black Chyna. Marliesia took to Instagram to troll Chyna, and Swae delivered a non-answer in regards to whether or not he actually cheated. As far as everyone knew, the two's relationship was finished.

However, they seem to be close enough here that Marliesia was still present during the interview. When Swae mentions that people thought that he had cheated on her with Blac Chyna, Marliesia bluntly asks him whether or not he did. After "about five seconds" of silence, he answers with "I'm not a cheater."

Marliesia then proceeds to whisper something into his ear, which the Rolling Stone reporter doesn't fully make out, but says it was something about how he better not change the title of the song. 

Swae has hinted that something special may be coming this Friday, so hopefully we'll be able to hear "Little Marliesia" soon.