Swae Lee has been having a rough few days after losing his hard drive earlier this week, leading him to offer up $20,000 to get it back since it has all of his music on it. Unfortunately, he just had a bit of a bittersweet moment in the whole ordeal as it now looks like the hard drive has been found but is in the possession of a thief.  

Swae Lee Hard Drive Thief stolen music
Image: Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

During a IG Live session not too long ago, the Rae Sremmurd member had an actual standoff with a person who claimed to have his hard drive, even going as far as to show Swae some of the personal items that were with the device when it was stolen. The perp, who's operating under the social media handle @swaeleeharddrive, is taking full responsibility for the robbery at hand that happened at Los Angeles International Airport this past Monday (December 14). Among the items that were shown to Swae to verify that it was in fact his bag included a face mask and some condoms — good job on protecting yourself on all levels, fam! — with the latter being used by the disguised culprit to make a joke at his expense, saying, "I don't know why you had these motherfuckers in there; you ain't doing shit with these!"

Although we're sure Swae Lee is taking this very seriously, he does seem to be taking the situation in stride for the most part. Throughout the short clip, the "Sunflower" rapper remains calm and says stuff like "That's what I like to see" while even laughing at some points. The user is apparently asking for $150,000 to return the hard drive, which is clearly way more pricier than the original $20K offered by Swae. Wild times, man! 

Watch the clip below to see just how bold some people can be, in addition to the two posts that @swaeleeharddrive has posted on Instagram so far: