It's always a hazard as an artist when performing on a small stage. The space is restricting and the crowd is right up on you. Such was the case for Swae Lee, who was performing on Friday night at the Union Rooftop in Minneapolis. As reported by TMZand captured on video by a fan in the crowd, Swae Lee fell face first off what appears to be a bar top that he was performing on. Lee was in the middle of "Black Beatles," and you can see him turning up in the small space as the crowd goes nuts. He took one lean too far forward, and all of a sudden the young rapper fell face-first into the crowd. Luckily, an attentive security guard was able to grab him and bring him back on stage almost immediately. 

Later on, Swae Lee took off his shirt and held a bottle of Hennessy above his head. The bottle apparently belonged to somebody in the audience, because Swae Lee took a swig from the Henny and attempted to get it back to the rightful owner. The same security guard that saved his fall earlier tried to take the bottle from Swae Lee, but he quickly pulls it from the guard's hands and makes sure to place it in a fan's hands in the crowd. Check out the video below.