Rae Sremmurd are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, momentum and success seem to be everything they know. With their triple-ended album Sremmlife 3 continuing to rack up streams, off the strength of singles like "Guatemala" and "Powerglide," many would take the opportunity to rest on their laurels, backing in the fruits of their labours. Yet Rae Sremmurd appear driven by youthful exuberance and a hustler's state of mind. According to Swae Lee, the group have already set their sights on a fourth chapter to their ever expanding saga. 

The legendary Tim Westwood managed to catch up with Swae during a festival appearance. Naturally, the good vibes were rolling, as is Swae Lee's way. After laying down a few signature drops of "baby," Westwood praised the duo's propensity for earning platinum plaques. Swae Lee takes the compliment with pride. "Sremmlife platinum," he boasts, "Sremmlife 2 platinum, Sremmlife 3 about to be platinum." Westwood can't help himself, asking "what's the deal with Sremm4 baby?" Swae Lee takes the bait, replying with "Sremm4 we cooking it up right now. You see who we around right now? There are some crazy faces in the building."

Once he gets going, he simply can't stop. "You never know who gon' be on the next album," teases Swae, "you never know what kind of sauce we gonna bring on the next album, but you know it's gon' be some classics. At least five classics." You heard the man. Expect five Rae Sremmurd classics, coming in the indeterminate future.