The drama with Swae Lee's on-again-off-again ex continues as the Rae Sremmurd rapper found himself caught up in back and forth beef. Marliesia Ortiz has proven that when it comes to Swae, she will put him on blast without hestitation, but recently she involved sisters Aoki Lee and Ming Lee Simmons.

Ming shared a photo of herself with Swae, and Marliesia wasn't happy about how close they looked in the picture. After sharing some scathing words about Ming, Aoki stepped in to give Marliesia a classy read. The rapper found himself in the center of the social media drama, so he thought it would be a good idea to issue an apology to Mama Bear Kimora Lee Simmons.

"Hey I’m just writing to apologize if I came off the wrong way with the ex situation and having that blown out of proportion especially with your daughters getting involved," his message read. Kimora uploaded just a portion of his DM, but it went on to say that Marliesia was making things difficult with her antics. Kimora wrote over the screenshot, "What a nice young man, of course, we accept your apology and we send you love."

Meanwhile, Marliesia didn't like that Swae was being so kind to the Simmons family. She did some screenshotting of her own and shared photos of Swae in her DMs trying to get her attention. She ignored his messages, but did write, "A person playing both sides is an enemy, too." Swae's probably thankful that she didn't release his phone number this time around or make a public accusation that he abused her.