Every couple of months we receive word of new memorabilia items pertaining to legendary MCs The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac going up for sale on an internet auction site. Just the other week we learned that the car Tupac was shot in, a 1996 BMW 750iL, is currently up for sale for a fan that has $1.5 million to spare. Now, quickly following that auction, there is a very similar Biggie one happening.

The green 1997 GMC Suburban that Biggie last drove around in before he was shot and killed is up for auction on Moments in Time, going for the sam asking price as the last vehicle Pac touched-- $1.5 million. The sellers of the vehicle, a husband and wife, say they purchased the SUV from a broker seven months after Biggie was shot (March 1997). The sellers were unaware at the time of the car's previous owner-- they were simply looking for a bigger vehicle to fit their family of six-- it was only when the LAPD contacted them during their investigation that they learned of the car's past. 

In a letter to Moments in Time the sellers write, "We have kept the car now for 20 years and finally decided it was time to sell it...I have requested the LAPD return the original bullet-riddled door upon closure of the case."

Would you make this purchase if you had $1.5 million lying around?