The other week we reported on an unfortunate turn of events on Las Vegas' Strip which left four people injured, and three people, including aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch, dead. At the time, no suspects were revealed, however now details on the main suspect have emerged.

CBS News reports that investigators believe 26-year old ex-convict Ammar Harris was the driver and gunman in the Range Rover which partook in a drive-by shooting on February 21st. The beef originally started in the Aria Hotel valet parking station before spilling outwards, as the Rover recklessly drove after Clutch's Maserati. The Range Rover continued to shoot at Clutch and finally hit him, causing Clutch to lose control of the car and thus hitting a taxi cab, before bursting into flames.

The police tracked down said Range Rover to an apartment complex a couple of blocks east of the Strip , however, a SWAT team didn't find Harris home at the time. Harris has been charged in the past with marijuana possession, reckless driving, as well as pandering, kidnapping, sex assault and coercion charges all stemming from the allegation that he was a pimp.

Harris' whereabouts are currently unknown, and the Las Vegas police Capt. Chris Jones says that Harris should be considered armed and dangerous. "We have him identified. Now the focus is on locating and apprehending him. We're getting help all over the place," Jones says of the investigation.