Susan Sarandon may be 68 years old, but she's still got her ear to the streets-- it just takes her a couple of years to hear things. Apparently, Sarandon just took in ASAP Rocky's "1 Train," and one line in particular caught her attention; "You see us scramblin', sellin' Susan Sarandon/ The cloud of smoke like the Phantom."

The reference came from Action Bronson, who Sarandon mentioned alongside Rocky in a tweet thanking them for the shout out. Not only that, she offered to let them explain the line in a smoke session, writing "Not sure what it means, but let’s blaze one & talk about it some time."

We know through Rocky's infatuation with Kathy Griffin that he already has a thing for older women, so we're interested to see how this plays out.

Bronson has already replied with the title of one of Susan's most iconic films, "THELMA AND LOUISE!!!!," a movie we're not surprised he's a fan of.

For future reference, any reference to a "white girl" by a rapper has the potential to be a stand-in for cocaine. See Migos' "Hannah Montana" for further examples.