New surveillance footage released by TMZ shows a vehicle pulling up to the compound where Kanye West, Tekashi 6ix9ine were awaiting Nicki Minaj's arrival to shoot a music video. The footage isn't grainy, but from the distance the video was being shot, the hooded figures are pretty to make out. But don't think for a second there isn't a solution contained somewhere in the extensive field of nanotechnology. They'll get that resolution to where it needs to be, don't you fret Tekashi.

As you can see below, two men exit a vehicle once it comes to a stop. The sun has fallen, it's 10:30 in the evening, when one hooded person says to another, "We got 30 seconds," and the other responds, "Ok." And then boom! They raise their guns over the wall and get to firing.

After letting off "uncalculated" shots, the two hooded men re-enter the tan-color sedan and make their getaway. From the looks of it, a second car trailing behind for cover backs up and does a U-ey, putting the assailants "in the clear" until further notice.

We later learned the fate of those errant bullets, the intended dressing room for Nicki Minaj, who was for once in her life, rewarded for being tardy, Cops are on the lookout for the "hooded figures" in the video above. We'll keep you posted.