Since launching the brand in 1994, Supreme's become one of the most sought after brands when it comes to streetwear. Over the past few years, they've grown in popularity due to the numerous celebrities that have been seen wearing their clothes and the major collaborations they've done. Supreme has collaborated with everyone from Nike and Hanes to Louis Vuitton and Playboy. Today, they launched their most unexpected collaboration yet with tabloid newspaper, The New York Post.

As Supreme gets ready to launch their fall collection on August 16th, they've collaborated with the New York Post for a special edition promotional cover that features their iconic red box logo on the front and back covers. According to The Cut, they've been selling out of copies in New York City bodega's and newstands. The Post's CEO Jesse Angelo also confirmed they printed more copies than usual today. They typically print 199,135 copies per day. However, Angelo couldn't give a exact number.

"We've never done something quite like this," Angelo said about the collaboration. The Supreme collab marks the first time the Post has allowed a single brand to cover both the front and back pages of their publication.

What's not shocking about the collaboration is that the re-sale value of the Post x Supreme cover is out the roof. While the paper itself goes for $1, people have been flipping it at $10, if not higher.