Supreme is a fashion stalwart that is adored by consumers from all across the globe. However, the brand's higher price point and limited run makes it a bit difficult for the average customer to cop an original piece. Supreme is the only streetwear company to have an entire website dedicated to the second-hand sale of goods, usually at a more exorbitant rate. 

Research conducted by SEMrush notes how Supreme constitutes the world's most searched-for knock-offs, followed closely by Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin. The hunt for counterfeit goods has steadily risen over the past two years, spiking nearly 500 percent during July to October last year, which coincidentally lines up with the highly-coveted Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration that sent the high-end retail market into a frenzy. 

Furthermore, Americans are revealed to be the most eager to purchase simulated fashions, with Britains and Germans nabbing the second and third spots. 

In an age when social media allows the image and likeness of high-end goods to circulate en masse, it is no wonder the general public is more inclined to purchase a knock-off in lieu of relatively steep price tags.