Just over a week ago, Supreme dropped one of their most anticipated releases: multi-color series of their iconic box logo hoodie. Fans of the famous streetwear brand can put Drake stans to shame with the depth of the fandom. They proved it during the launch, generating almost one billion page views in a single day on Supreme’s website.

Due to the prevalence of shopping bots (which we covered here), it’s likely a good number of those page views were generated by bots trying to put everything in a shopping cart as fast as possible. However, don’t rule out the persistence of a single individual who refreshes the page 50 times in a 5 minute period as they try nab a hoodie the manual way. Check out the raw traffic numbers below for Splay, the e-commerce software Supreme uses.


The hype around the brand is sometimes unfathomable, online purchasing has become the primary means of getting the product after NYPD shut down the famous lines that used snake around Soho during each release. Supreme tried to do something different by having people line up for a raffle in a public park, but the videos below show it didn’t really work. Watching it is like the IRL equivalent of getting a billion page views in a day.