For three years, Superfly actor Kaalan Walker has faced heavy accusations of sexual assault. We reported on the allegations back in 2018 when Walker was hit with nine felony charges and now, Rolling Stone has added to the story as new information has been revealed. According to the outlet, over 30 women have come forward with complaints about Walker and their alleged interactions with him date back to at least 2013.

Walker is reportedly slated to go to trial next month as he stands accused of luring "aspiring models to photo shoots under the guise of helping their careers." The actor's accusers claim he raped them.

Kaalan Walker
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Meanwhile, Walker and his team have reportedly denied the allegations. He "has pleaded not guilty to six counts of forcible rape, two counts of unlawful intercourse with a minor, and other felonies related to 11 alleged victims in Los Angeles County, according to court filings obtained by Rolling Stone."

“Mr. Walker was in consensual and voluntary contact with every one of these women. There’s no abduction rape," his attorney stated earlier this week during a court hearing. "There’s no forced rape. Purportedly, he is giving them information like, ‘Hey, I could put you in a movie. I could put you in a rap video. I could create a star.’ And that’s what gets them to do things they might not normally want to do. And now that the stardom and glory didn’t come to fruition, they’re lying and saying he assaulted them,” Flier tells Rolling Stone. “We believe that every one of these young ladies is lying.”

It is reported that prosecutors not only plan to call 11 alleged victims to the stand but also several other accusers. Prosecutors reportedly also suggested that DNA evidence allegedly matched Walker in at least two cases. A model named Sydney Stanford accused Walker of raping her in a locked car after she reached out to him, believing he was a photographer. Her name isn't listed in this case but she did contact authorities.

Kaalan Walker
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“Overall, the only way I feel, and I’m sure the other girls too, is just, we can’t wait for it to be over,” Stanford said. “This has been a long time coming for all of us, and I just hope that us seeing this case through will empower other women to speak up and do the same.”

“The DA said that more than 30 women contacted prosecutors with allegations,” she continued. “That’s 30 women that had the strength and had it within themselves to even come up to the police. So imagine how many girls are still left out there that he has harmed or he has hurt that didn’t make it to the police, didn’t make that call, were too scared to say something. Like, imagine how many different humans are out there that he has done this to?”

If convicted, Kaalan Walker faces life behind bars.