The fan love is real in the streets because people are getting permanently inked to honor their favorite artists. A woman recently inked herself up in dedication to NBA YoungBoy, and last night Migos' Offset shared a photo of a fan whose inner forearms are now monuments to the Atlanta rapper and his cousin, Quavo.

Offset captioned the photo by tagging the tattooist and writing, "@dedit98 REAL FAN LOVE I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH THIS SHIT." People could help but notice that Takeoff was nowhere in the mix. "Takeoff Somewhere Punching the air," one commenter wrote. "Takeoff has left the chat," said another.

Back in 2017, WorldStar Hip Hop shared a photo on Instagram of another fan who a fairly large tattoo on themselves. A quick search reveals that the images of the men of Migos are popular among fans. Take a look at some of the artwork below.

It has to be a different level of success once you realize your face is etched into someone's skin for life (or until they get it covered or removed). Back in 2016, Thrasher Magazine caught up with Offset to get his thoughts on what it feels like to have fans clamoring for his attention at every turn. "It makes you feel good about yourself," he said. "People are going crazy for you. It’s crazy. You want that, but you won’t have people following you around all the time. Maybe if you go out to the mall or something you will, but when you’re at home, that’s your personal life and you’re straight."