The Super Bowl is this Sunday and will feature the New England Patriots going up against the Los Angeles Rams. It stands to be an interesting matchup with legacies for both franchises on the line. With the big game just a couple of days away, pundits and analysts are making their predictions of who will win. EA Sports even did a Madden simulation with the Rams taking the game 30-27. A more classic football game also does an annual simulation of the Super Bowl, that game being Tecmo Bowl, a football arcade game made back in 1987.

Tecmo Bowl has the Rams taking this one by a score of 24-21 but the way the Rams end up with the win is truly bizarre and will certainly not happen come Sunday.

Essentially, the Patriots have a 21-17 lead with a couple of minutes left, while Goff and the Rams drive down the field. On 4th and 16, Goff goes for a pass but misses, and the Pats get the ball back with just under a minute to go. Instead of kneeling it out, the Patriots run the ball a couple of plays and then go for a pass. 

When a patriot player fumble the ball, Bryce Hager picks it up and runs it in for the game-winning touchdown.

How do you think the big game will go down?